Dec 26 2012

Broadcasting From Your Computer

If you are tired of broadcasting from your computer using WinAmp there are a couple of professional options you can use that are affordable. Here is our take on each one:

SAMCAST (Starting at $99.00)

SAMCAST by Spacial Audio is a stand alone product you can use to broadcast live events by capturing any audio from your computer. It supports several audio formats and includes audio processing software. Our take on Spacial Products? In our opinion, a majority of their products are excellent with the exception they are very computer resource intensive. If you run too many programs at once, the SAM products have a tendency to lock up your computer and create software crashes. Run only their product though and you have a very good solution. More information is located here:

Station Playlist Streamer ($86.00)

Streamer is similar to SAMCAST, supports multiple audio formats and includes audio processing with a 5 band Graphic Equalizer. Our take on this product? Excellent in every aspect. Not as fancy as SAMCAST, but we have been able to make it crash our computers yet. VERY resource friendly and after 24 hours of use, no crash. Highly recommended. More information is available here:

SAM Broadcaster ($149.00-$699.00)

A complete station automation solution that is easy to use and supports multiple playlists depending on the version you purchase. Our take? MAJOR computer crash software! So resource intensive you better have a machine with plenty of RAM and dedicate it to this software alone. Customers tell us it crashes continuously and the answer from their support department is to switch to their hosting (maxed out at 64k) and all the issues will be resolved. What kind of answer is that? This product gets a 2 thumbs down from us! BUT, if you insist, here is a link for more information:

StationPlaylist Studio Pro ($499.00)

Not as fancy as SAM, but once you get used to it man does it work great! We use the Pro Bundle of this software to do live shows and not one crash has been reported by our staff. If you can afford the expense we HIGHLY recommend this software. It is complete with audio processing, multiple playlist creation, supports multiple advertising carts, they provide excellent technical support and yes, it has a automated song request script you can use on your website. Example: We were using this program for a live 3 hour show with multiple programs open including our anti-virus software and it NEVER crashed the computer. We used the same computer to simulate a live 3 hour show with SAM with the exact same windows open and the computer crashed 3 times. Does that tell you anything? Here is a link for more information:

The Bottom Line

Sometimes the simplest programs work more proficiently. If you like fancy things then get the Spacial Products. If you want something that works great and allows you to do more with your computer, StationPlaylist Studio Pro is the way to go.