Sep 23 2014

DJC Media To Acquire Makky Player!


DJC Media, in a strategic effort to corner the market in Ad Insertion, announced today it will acquire Makky Player and transform it into the ultimate monetized HTML5 based player on the market.

The newly released player will include several skins that can be dynamically launched along with live listener stats and more.

“This is a major step in our mission to provide world class service to Internet Broadcasters worldwide”, says Wes Simkins, President of DJC Media, Inc. “We have always had a focus on bringing more opportunity for internet broadcasters to monetize their streams to compete with the major over the air broadcasters of the world”.

The new merger will bring more opportunities for the internet broadcasters, as well as an opportunity for the company to bring on many new advertisers. The digital community has been looking for a break like this for many years. DJC Media was founded by broadcasters who were going broke and needed a way to supplement their stations. DJC Media has quickly become a major leader with more than 200 independent stations that serve ads throughout the world. This merger will definitely benefit internet only broadcasters and allow them to compete with the large terrestrial networks around the world.

For more information please contact DJC Media, Inc.