Sep 22 2014

DJC Media To Sponsor Not For Profit Broadcasting Organization!

DJC Media, Inc. announced today it will sponsor a newly formed Non-Profit Internet Broadcaster Organization with its sights set on equal rights for all broadcaster’s. The new organization will have a voting board of directors and voting membership.

“It’s about time someone fought for us and organized a rebellion against high licensing fees” said Wes Simkins, President of DJC Media, Inc., “To this date nobody has been able to bring Internet Broadcasters together to fight against the licensing agencies and Congress. This what we intend to do. If the response is large enough we plan to fund a project that will provide licensing fee’s to our members at a very affordable rate, by subsidizing the fees through Corporate Sponsorship”.

With this bold statement it seems DJC Media needs to recruit thousands of people to join and make this vision a dream. Mr. Simkins told us he foresees 25,000 members in less than one year.

Membership will be very affordable at less than $25.00 a year and he promised not to sell property on the moon like one of the others. Membership will include other discounts and special promotions including free streaming and Ad Insertion.

We will post more information as it becomes available.