Sep 21 2014

Expansion Continues As Network Grows!

DJC Media, Inc. is quickly becoming the largest network of independent , high quality, stations in the world. Our focus has always been QUALITY broadcasters and as of today we cater to more than 200 awesome streams.

This month we moved our Corporate Offices to Jackson, Wyoming and merged with Cavallaro Media Services, LLC in New York. Cavallaro is now our Sales and Marketing arm which gives us the flexibility of our own licensed Ad Agency.

In the coming days we will begin offering training seminars to show quality broadcasters how they can monetize not only their streams, but their websites as well.

“I have always said DJC Media will be the leader in Internet Streaming revenue”, states Wes Simkins, President of DJC Media, Inc., “and we have come a very long way over the past year”. “Our staff is preparing for a major influx of Internet Broadcasters into our program”, Mr. Simkins says, “We now cover most of the major worldwide markets and Cavallaro is bringing us into new countries so we can continue to grow”.

In a recent article, DJC Media was referred to as the Poor Man’s Triton, which we are sure is the basis of their growth.

The DJC Media Ad Servers are now located on dedicated streaming racks that provide the potential for tens of thousands new clients. “We will not be beat!”, Mr. Simkins stated, “We will provide the best services available with unmatched Customer Support. Soon we will offer live help and telephone support to premium broadcasters. Nobody, but nobody will beat us!”.

The company is contracted to provide 100% of the advertising time for everyone in the network. DJC Media serves millions of ads across the world and as more broadcasters come on board Cavallaro Media Services will provide additional inventory to advertisers and agencies. If you haven’t contacted the team at DJC Media, you are loosing out on a golden opprotunity.