Jan 13 2013

It’s Time To Wake Up!

Most of you know me for speaking my mind on various topics whether I step on toes or not. This is one of those topics.

If you aren’t running ads in your stream, you are just plain dumb! First off, if you are streaming legally (paying licensing fees) and not monetizing your stream, you are going broke like 90% of the Internet Radio Stations out there. If you think your listeners are going to donate enough money to make you any money, boy were you ever born in the dark.

Internet Radio is a business. So, treat it like one. Tell the cry baby’s to go away and start selling ads on your station! Either that or let your hobby bleed you dry (and it will). The more listeners you get, the more money it is going to cost you in licensing fees.

We are about to launch one of the most sophisticated ad networks in the world that is going to be backed by a major audio company and this is your chance to get on board! If you purchase one of our streaming packages, you will automatically qualify for the new program when it is launched. This program is going to include mobile apps., your very own mobile enabled web site, mobile players that are monetized but not over powered by stupid ads, inclusion in car radios, automatic updating for Tune-In and much more. Complete social networking is a large focus for us with complete listener interaction.

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