Oct 24 2012

What We Do

We aren’t here to sell our services, actually we got our start by helping other Internet Broadcasters. Yes, we offer services for sale, but that’s not all we do!

Help Desk

Our help desk isn’t just for our paying customers! We made it to help people get their questions answered! If you are a Internet Broadcaster and have a question, submit it and one of our volunteers will try and help. We’ve been known to do free research for other broadcasters just to try and help them.

We Are Here For You!

Have you noticed our website isn’t fancy? That’s because we like to keep it really simple. Face it, we are Internet Broadcasters, not web designers. We like to share and learn, just like you.

Simply said, if you need help, just ask. If you want to purchase one of our services, paying clients are always welcome.

Enough on this rant. Let’s play great, legal music to the world!